Campus Police (coming soon)

Whether it’s a High School, University, Technical College or a Hospital campus, security is one of today’s most important and critical issues. The very best tools and resources are crucial to maintaining the highest standards of security and safety – all at an affordable price – providing some of the hardest challenges such organizations have to overcome.

Campus Police, from Blue Hawk Software, is amongst the best of breed to meet these needs.

Blue Hawk Software is a company that understands the need to be constantly aware of the many new and varied challenges which confront those charged with keeping these institutions safe and secure on a daily basis.

Working together with the security agencies to develop a solution which takes into account the rapidly changing requirements, Campus Police uses the latest technologies available and is under continual review to keep pace with the challenges faced.

The capturing of information and formulating of data to produce correlated reports have been one of the keys to the success of the product. The ease of use and reduced training needs make Campus Police a solution which can be quickly and easily implemented, yet at the same time provide sophisticated data retrieval, integration and reporting services which provide a powerful aid to the safety of facilities and people.

Information related to vehicles, incidents, visitors, personnel or student issues are all easily captured and maintained via secure logons and permissions. The information contained within Campus Police can be readily harvested to produce analysis reports where needed.

Blue Hawk Software recognizes the need to enable all sizes of institutions and business to achieve secure environments, and with this in mind provide data-hosting services for clients who need to outsource the technological requirements they desire yet still maintain their own individuality and secure business information.

To learn more about Campus Police contact Blue Hawk Software.