Blue Hawk Software is a professional software solutions and services company that specializes in implementing innovative solutions to even the most complex business requirements. Using the latest software tools and methodologies, Blue Hawk Software is building solid technical and business foundations with reliable, quality software designed to meet the ever-demanding needs of today’s tough, competitive business world.

Our mission is to consistently exceed our clients’ expectations by delivering quality, reliable solutions on time. It may be an old and well-worn adage, but at Blue Hawk Software the client is the most important piece of our business, and the success of our clients is our primary goal.

From our corporate headquarters located in McKinney, Texas we serve our customers all across the United States and abroad. We work in a variety of vertical markets and provide professional high-quality software solutions and services.


We design, implement, document, test, and maintain custom software solutions. We work with our customers to gain a thorough understanding of their needs and requirements, and then assist them with the application of technology quickly and efficiently. We provide the technical knowledge and expertise necessary to amplify our customer’s success.

Our mission is to consistently exceed our clients’ expectations by delivering quality, reliable solutions on time. As we strive to build long-term relationships with our customers, we are aware that the success of our customers is the key to the success of our company.

Our experienced and dedicated team has a proven track record of excellence. We do not take shortcuts and we adhere to the highest professional standards and best practices.


Our structured development processes enable us to deliver quality solutions on-schedule and on-budget for projects of any size.

We work closely with you to precisely determine your true requirements. We then follow an iterative and incremental development process when designing and implementing your solution.

Each iteration is designed to be as simple and straightforward as possible while allowing the development to be modular, thus enabling us to provide a higher quality and more cost-effective solution.

Software testing and documentation

With the delivery of each iteration we provide documented, tested feature sets that can be executed and reviewed by the customer.

Part of the quality of the solution comes from the feedback that our customers provide. This feedback allows us to take advantage of knowledge gained each step of the way to modify the solution’s requirements where necessary.

The iteration cycle repeats until the customer is satisfied.


Quality is a part of everything we do!